The Cracked Bassoon

Sam Mathias

I'm a psychoacoustician. I mainly post code for making interesting sounds.

  1. Iterated rippled noise

    7. April 2014 394 words ~3 minutes read 1 Comment

    Iterated rippled noise (IRN) is one of the more popular stimuli in the psychoacoustics literature. In its basic form, IRN is generated in the time domain using a broadband noise which is delayed and added back to itself repeatedly. This creates something that sounds like a 'cracked bassoon' (according to Griffiths et al., 1998), with a ...

  2. Huggins pitch

    12. December 2013 533 words ~4 minutes read Comment

    Huggins pitch (HP) is one of several stimuli that elicits a dichotic pitch — a pitch that can only be heard when one listens to the stimulus with both ears. It is created by generating diotic noise, which has the same phase in both ears across all frequencies, and introducing a smooth interaural phase transition from 0 to ...

  3. Staircase procedure for threshold estimation

    10. December 2013 213 words ~2 minutes read Comment

    Here is a Python script for estimating a subject’s threshold. It uses the adaptive staircase procedure described by Kaernbach (1991), which allows the user to estimate any point on the subject's psychometric function. The procedure has ‘arithmetic’ and ‘geometric’ modes. The arithmetic mode is meant for circumstances where a value of zero in the dependent ...